Roll#2 Lucky Color @ 200

This is my first try using expired film and I’m actually impressed with it. I don’t know if this is available outside of Philippines but it’s a decent and cheap alternative for us. 24 shots and the expiry date was on May 2013. This was a quick roll as I was dying to try pushing with Kodak TriX.

I forgot to take note of my aperture and shutter on this roll.

Here we go.




Shoesale ($1)






Neon Signs


Read up

I do love the colors. It’s not that saturated but it’s close to real life. This film cost about $1 a roll, I think I need to hoard this film while they still have it. That’s all for today. Tell me what you guys think. Any feed back or critique would greatly be appreciated.



Roll#1 Hp5 @400

Hope you guys are having a better day than I am. But being a self proclaimed stoic that I am, The obstacle is the way. So push thru we must.

This is the first time I got my hands on Hp5. I can’t tell you how excited I am to shoot with it, after many hours looking at flickr and salivating like a rabid dog by how contrasty and punchy most of the picture even on iso 400.

After a few days I finished the roll and had it developed immediately. This is it! My masterpiece. Opened the envelop. What a let down, like the Titanic sank again but this time Jack didn’t met Rose. The film I think was underdeveloped. Im not sure thou. And the scanned file was low res around 1mb.

Here it is.

000018Chess puzzle. Hp5@400. f8/500


Portable Home. Hp5@400. f5.6/60


Transaction. Hp5@400. f11/60


Home sweet home. Hp5@400.f4/250


Statute.Hp5@400. f5.6/125


One more minute. Hp5@400. f2.8/60

Lesson of the roll: Develop my own black and white.



Starting film

Hi ,

This is more for me than it is for you. Cause it’ll be highly likely painful for you guys to look at most of the pictures I’ll be uploading (cause it’ll most likely be that bad). This year I got this wonderful film camera for a steal which rekindled my love for photography. I’ve been carrying this old camera almost everyday. Now don’t get me wrong I love digital photography but it never got me to bring my D90 (before) or my D7000 (today) on a daily basis. I’ll be posting my Rolls ( Roll#1 ,#2 ,etc) on a somewhat regular basis as my fund permits. The goal is to improve my photography (selfish I know). I hope you’ll bear this journey with me.


The old film camera. Can you guess what it is?


That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading.