Starting film

Hi ,

This is more for me than it is for you. Cause it’ll be highly likely painful for you guys to look at most of the pictures I’ll be uploading (cause it’ll most likely be that bad). This year I got this wonderful film camera for a steal which rekindled my love for photography. I’ve been carrying this old camera almost everyday. Now don’t get me wrong I love digital photography but it never got me to bring my D90 (before) or my D7000 (today) on a daily basis. I’ll be posting my Rolls ( Roll#1 ,#2 ,etc) on a somewhat regular basis as my fund permits. The goal is to improve my photography (selfish I know). I hope you’ll bear this journey with me.


The old film camera. Can you guess what it is?


That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Starting film”

  1. Good luck Dan. I had such an epiphany last year when I got a box full of old analogue cameras at an auction. Since then I have done a darkroom course at St Martins Art college and fell in love with film all over again. I found it impractical to carry my DSLR with me everyday but a film camera feels less bulky. I’ve started using a Zenit E and I’ve just splashed out on a load of new film stock so it will be interesting to follow your 35mm journey.

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    1. I’ve been dying to try Zenit E with it’s superb Helio-44 58/2 lens. I hear great things about it. Do share some of the pictures with us. I would love to know what films you are using as I am on the fence to try a wide variety of them or focus on a few films and master it. And btw thank you for the encouragement it means a lot.


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