Roll#1 Hp5 @400

Hope you guys are having a better day than I am. But being a self proclaimed stoic that I am, The obstacle is the way. So push thru we must.

This is the first time I got my hands on Hp5. I can’t tell you how excited I am to shoot with it, after many hours looking at flickr and salivating like a rabid dog by how contrasty and punchy most of the picture even on iso 400.

After a few days I finished the roll and had it developed immediately. This is it! My masterpiece. Opened the envelop. What a let down, like the Titanic sank again but this time Jack didn’t met Rose. The film I think was underdeveloped. Im not sure thou. And the scanned file was low res around 1mb.

Here it is.

000018Chess puzzle. Hp5@400. f8/500


Portable Home. Hp5@400. f5.6/60


Transaction. Hp5@400. f11/60


Home sweet home. Hp5@400.f4/250


Statute.Hp5@400. f5.6/125


One more minute. Hp5@400. f2.8/60

Lesson of the roll: Develop my own black and white.




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