Roll#5 Kodak Ultramax

It’s more fun in The Philippines!

Let’s explore the urban jungle of Manila with Kodak Ultramax.


Here we see the mobile mani-pedi station. Business is booming, clients never run out and never mind tax or any operating cost!


Eh.. I just love being a peeping tom and use “Frame within a Frame” as excuse.


Kariton 101 class. Here we have a master carpenter showing us how to build a cart from scratch!


Ted 3. Funeral of Ted’s wife.


Dreaded Post office! Takes months for my film to arrive 😦


Here we have a possible shady person. Any person offering you things to buy near any unpopulated area in the Philippines please just stay clear so them.

I like Kodak Ultramax. It’s cheaper than Ektar and Portra, sharp and the colours are okay. I love the golden sunlight on this film. Handles dynamic range very well as seen in the cloudy pic at sunset.

I promise to post on a regular basis. I promise to post on a regular basis. ( So i can hold myself accountable)

Do you have any film that you guys want me to try out or cameras you want me to try out? Just tell me in the comment section.

Thank you and have a good day. 😀


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