Why I use analogue over digital. Roll #8 Kodak Gold

I think the difference between digital and film for me is the feel of the actual analogue camera. Every morning I always gravitate towards my F3 even it would be cheaper for me and a lot healthier for my back to carry my D7000 (feels lighter). Somehow the F3 rewired my brain I get a dopamine rush every time I cock the film advance (buttery smooth!) and pressing the shutter (that shutter sound it’s so good it kinda makes me moist), yes the shutter is loud ( I was trying to be stealthy shooting in a church, not with a mass going mind you, I swear that at least 4 person looked at me hearing the sound of the shutter) but it just sound so right. It doesn’t matter what camera you use as long as you use it and that’s what I love about the F3 it makes you want to use it. Just handling it is a pleasure and carrying it is kinda stealthy with the normal black one. So whatever camera makes you want to carry it that’s the one for you. Stop looking at the review of that Om4 ti. Stop mental masturbating about that om 50mm 1.2 and use what you have Dan. That’s all you need.

Kodak Gold. I’m on the fence with this one some shots I definitely love, some makes me wanna puke. The color is not that consistent (most likely user error and not the films fault). But it’s kinda cheap so that’s a big plus for a broke ass person like me.





Light against Dark


I always slowly creep away from whoever buys the giant black candle, It’s for peace of conscience. I can only imagine what they did to deserve have to buy 3 or 4 of that.


My 2nd favorite of this roll. That impish face is priceless!

As you can see I do take a lot of photos of things and strangers but I try to take more photos of love ones. Personal photos are the one that’s always infused with emotions and meaning for me so I do try to take more. Life is fickle you never know how long we have remaining so make the most of it connect, listen and be present to the one you love.



My favorite of the roll. I can’t put my finger on why I love this picture so much even the color have a cyan cast on it. I just want to make a large of print of this and hang it near my desk.


  1.  Use what you have Dan. You don’t need a Olympus Om4ti with 50mm 1.2 to make a decent photo.
  2. Take more photos of your family and love ones.

Thanks for reading!


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