On Anguish

Life is a spectrum of emotion based on our perception. Somedays we have a happy filter on and whatever shitty circumstance fate throws at us we just shrug it off and continue to be happy and positive. But on the other end of the spectrum is the anguish filter where everything just seems so bleak, so useless and so hopeless. I like the definition of anguish it’s so raw. Anguish- severe mental or physical pain or suffering. Severe.


This also reflects in my photos. When i’m in anguish I see others which is in the same boat as I am. This woman might seem to be sleeping but the low sobs tells another story. If it’s physical suffering just remove yourself from that situation. But if it’s metal suffering now that’s a lot more complicated our mind is a powerful tool and a powerful enemy too if it’s negative loop it can spiral out of control. Our mind controls our perception and make it seem like there is no escape thus leading to suicide.


This isn’t a suicide but due to neglect. I can do nothing more but bury you little one.

Marcus Aurelius’ remedy is simple:

  1. Disturbance comes only from within- from our own perceptions. (Control your perceptions)
  2. That everything you see will soon alter and cease to exist. (Only change is constant)

Number 2 is liberating. I will soon die then none of this will matter. Why spend time suffering? Everything will soon be gone. Nothing is infinite. Nothing will last forever. My problems will soon pass. My pain will soon pass. My poverty will soon pass (I hope!).

Everything is Transient and Ephemeral

Do good, be good.

Change is a constant friend.

That’s all for my rumblings today.

Thank you for reading if you reach the end.



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