X100f Acros

The X100fs’ EVF paired with the Acros simulation is a match made in heaven. It let’s you instantly see your actual exposure which is a real boon. There’s just something to the simplicity of this black and white simulation that make me want to shoot more.

Here’s some shot I took today:

All taken with the X100f

Acros + Red filter (Sharpness +1, Highlight -2, Shadow +1, NR -2

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X100f: Work hard, Play hard

Do you ever have one of those days that you just feel like you’re floating in the cloud feeling happy and it seem like everything’s right with the world?

That’s was my day today. Everything just seemed extra bright and extra crisp.

Then I met the coolest looking Grandpa


The planned sneaky shot. Suddenly he turned and nodded at me. Luckily I got that also.


This really made my day. I paid my fare but a one peso coin fell so I picked it up.


He was also rocking a pink shoes. Really slick.

Happy Thanks Giving!

Life (X100F)

Life is life. There’s decay, death and pain but there is also joy, happiness and birth.


Meet Sam! My niece. It’s really magical how a bawling, crying and hyper miniature human can bring so much enjoy in a family.

Everything’s taken with Fuji X100f in classic chrome, fine jpegs

When Life makes you cry



Start them young


That’s all for now.

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It’s time to visit my grandmother who’s been bedridden for a while now. She’s 85 yrs old and is having memory problems. I bless her hand and all she says to me is “Who are you?” around 8 times on repeat. It’s heart wrenching.


Grandma (GM) to Mother(M) : You take care of your sister after i’m gone, okay?

M: Yes. But don’t say those things.

GM: I want to be cremated the day after I pass.

M: ….


I left for a while at this point then returned to barely hear the last of the conversation.

GM: But what if I don’t die yet? What will I do? What’s taking so long?..

Then she mumbled for a while and fell asleep.

Another reminder of mortality. I’m just grateful to see her again.

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X100f: Tell me what you think

I been toying around with the X100f film simulation/edit to figure out what work or not for me.

I got to the this result which really breaks me in half. When I look at it now I love it but when I looked at it before I really hated it. So tell me what you think? please? 😀





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Like the reflective nature of a shower, Commute puts me in the same pensive mood.

When you have nowhere to go but sit and wait.

When all you hear are the droning noise of traffic.

That’s when it struck me. We are all going, moving and busy. We all but forgotten the simplicity of being alone with our own thought.

Do we even know our own true thoughts?


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I’m back

Well my Minolta is still in life support and it might take until next year to be fix. If it can be fixed. I been really itching to shoot again. Luckily I saw a X00f for a price that I just can’t pass up.

There’s a little learning curve. I’m surprised how power starve the little thing was. With my CLE 2LR44 that’s all I needed didn’t even have to change after half a year but with the X100f half a day to 1day at most. I know it’s normal but it’s taking awhile to get use to.

Here’s some taken with it:

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The diagnosis is back for the CLE and the prognosis is poor: Broken EV board. Safe to say that the chances of finding a spare part to replace it is slim.

This is a wake up call for me. Everything will break, everything will die. Enjoy it while it last.


Now I’m at a crossroad.

Should I find a replacement film camera or should I switch to digital?

It’s just been ten days but it already felt so long since I last roam the streets with no aim but to shoot..


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