Why Shoot? (Photography)

Why do you shoot photographs?

Why spend a lot of money buying gear to shoot?

Why obsess to try to improve your photography?

Does anyone even care?

I don’t know why I shoot or why a spend money to shoot. But I feel like I need to shoot, to capture a piece of life in negative or in ones and zeroes. I know this doesn’t make sense but when shooting, it’s like riding a bike for me, I zone out and forget my worries and try to see. To really see (the world).ย 

Mostly nobody will care. But who the fuck cares? as long as you’re “happy”. As long as you do what you feel you must do. Then do it.ย 


4 thoughts on “Why Shoot? (Photography)”

  1. There is no easy answer. Some people write poetry.some shoot photographs. I guess whatever makes one happy. Photography is a way of painting where one uses camera instead of paint brush.

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  2. No idea why! All I know know is that when I’m out with a camera and the mood is right, I calm down, I get into the groove and just feel great.

    So it must be purely selfish…. Yes, I make photos for myself primarily. If anyone likes them all the better.

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