Day 26

How time flies….

I’m now a Godfather.


Day 6

We don’t thrive disconnected

We thrive being connected to one another.

UBUNTU is an African philosophy. In it’s heart is this “A person is a person through other people”.


How to overcome creative rut


I have sold all of my film cameras these past few week and retained the CLE. I was planning to focus with a single camera and film set up to really improve on it. But as the last of the my (now sold) camera found there way to new owners I was having difficulty to shoot. I felt empty. Even the CLE was just lying around unused. With the influx of funds from the cameras I sold I was tempted to go for a X100f and just mental masterbated with the idea that that’s the camera to solve all my problems and even world hunger. Then reality hit me and I just can’t afford it.

  1. Spicy it up – I noticed that I have been shooting the Minolta CLE with a Kodak Tri-X for a few rolls now (15-20) thats the longest streak of the film and camera set up I did and it did help improve my work. But I was just so sick of it so I did the next best thing I could I pushed it to iso 1600 from being comfy with the iso 400, this opened up a slight different light to work with. (I also have a Portra pro pack coming and I’m very excited to put some color to break the MONOtonous black and white.)
  2. Creative constraint-  I’ve been trying to challenge myself to shoot mainly at 3feet away. This is pretty close for my comfort which also great. You know you’re shooting to safe when you don’t have any adrenaline for a possible confrontation (I’m a introvert). Having creative constraint forces you to see differently and see another perspective of the world you have been ignoring or just unable to see.
  3. Read a book- If you’re stuck on any area of your life or photography there nothing a good book can’t help you with. Even the simple act of getting you out of over thinking is a boon. Changing perspective is just not about changing your lens in a camera or an angle, sometimes it’s about upgrading the operating system (your mind) which I think Sapiens and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari would do to you. It’s a very entertaining read while being deep and thought provoking. I am conscious and I make something that AI will never be able to do.


I’m going off tangent but at least this worked for me and I hope it’ll help you if you in the same boat as I am. Keeping shooting and thanks for reading!