Translacion: Black Nazarene

I have been looking forward to Jan 9. It’s translocation of the Black Nazarene (Life size statue? of Jesus) from Point A (usually Quirino grandstand) to Point B (Quiapo Church). So what makes this special? Well it’s attended by millions of devotees. I planned to use my x100f (35mm) in contrast with the usually telephoto usage of the photographers during the event. Thinking a different perspective will give me a different result. Cock sure and confident I walked to the main bulk of the “parade?” I caught it near the Manila City Hall. More like it caught me. As I can’t move away and you just have to go with the tide of human. Nazareno

The heat and the press is suffocating. Thankfully there’s a ever presence of community in the whole mass. Water is given when it’s needed magically. And rescue personel are always available. Nazareno-4


I tried to get closer still. But i’m wary carrying my camera as once in a while people would splash there water all around to cool the heating people. So I threaded the edge between the watchers and the joiners (Once trying to reach the Nazarene or hold the rope). Nazareno-5


My shirt is soaked with my sweat and other peoples sweat by this time. Then a wave of feverish emotion soaked the people. They started shouting  “ariba! ariba!”


After that I stepped out for a while to breath. That’s when I realized I lost my phone. Most likely stolen from the press humans. This completely took me out of the shooting mode. Just 1 and a half hour. The whole thing usually starts at 5am and ends at midnight. What a waste of photographic opportunity.

Note for next year: Bring only Camera!

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“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”- Edgar Allan Poe




F/2, SS:1/60 iso: 12800. Amazing how the x100f performs in low light!

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Why Shoot? (Photography)

Why do you shoot photographs?

Why spend a lot of money buying gear to shoot?

Why obsess to try to improve your photography?

Does anyone even care?

I don’t know why I shoot or why a spend money to shoot. But I feel like I need to shoot, to capture a piece of life in negative or in ones and zeroes. I know this doesn’t make sense but when shooting, it’s like riding a bike for me, I zone out and forget my worries and try to see. To really see (the world). 

Mostly nobody will care. But who the fuck cares? as long as you’re “happy”. As long as you do what you feel you must do. Then do it. 

X100f: Personal photography

I have been using the X100f for almost a month now and I’m deeply impressed. Although I’m very easy to impress coming from the Minolta Cle, the transition have been smooth. Lately I haven’t had time to do my “walks”, time have been really tight now that my brother and niece is here.

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5th! Kage Collective

I have been following the Kage Collective for awhile now and have been greatly influenced by their philosophy and works.

They say that the best way to improve is to surround yourself with the best. And they are the best! I have been trying to see like them which is hard. Well imitation is the greatest form of flattery. 🙂



Check them out yourself. You won’t regret it. 😀

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X100f Acros

The X100fs’ EVF paired with the Acros simulation is a match made in heaven. It let’s you instantly see your actual exposure which is a real boon. There’s just something to the simplicity of this black and white simulation that make me want to shoot more.

Here’s some shot I took today:

All taken with the X100f

Acros + Red filter (Sharpness +1, Highlight -2, Shadow +1, NR -2

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X100f: Work hard, Play hard

Do you ever have one of those days that you just feel like you’re floating in the cloud feeling happy and it seem like everything’s right with the world?

That’s was my day today. Everything just seemed extra bright and extra crisp.

Then I met the coolest looking Grandpa


The planned sneaky shot. Suddenly he turned and nodded at me. Luckily I got that also.


This really made my day. I paid my fare but a one peso coin fell so I picked it up.


He was also rocking a pink shoes. Really slick.

Happy Thanks Giving!

X100f: Tell me what you think

I been toying around with the X100f film simulation/edit to figure out what work or not for me.

I got to the this result which really breaks me in half. When I look at it now I love it but when I looked at it before I really hated it. So tell me what you think? please? 😀





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